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The first open bowling in Zadar!


ZYX Bowling entertainment center

ZYX Bowling includes pleasure, fun, excitement, competitions, all in one place. You can try your hand at bowling, play billiards and compete in darts. If you're more into pleasure and relaxation, then I bring all that to the bar with a glass of whiskey. Are you interested in what else you can find with us?

Working hours

Mon - Fri | 10:00 - 24:00
Sat - Sun | 10:00 - 24:00

Bowling Lane
Tasty food
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Don't wait your turn anymore.

Book an appointment for bowling

You can make a reservation at any time and within a few minutes, and you can save yourself a few hours of waiting! When making a reservation, just make sure that all the information is correct and wait for our confirmation of the reservation. ZYX Bowling is waiting for you!

Our menu

Delicious meals and premium drinks

If the party takes you away, you'll want to have a bite to eat and a drink. Fortunately, you have it all in one place at ZYX Bowling. Our bar and restaurant are at your disposal, where you can taste a wide range of dishes and a rich selection of drinks.

Ramsteak Tagliata


Zyx Smash Burger


Pulled Chicken Burger


Tris Bao Buns


Chicken Wings


Special events and gatherings

Bring the team and enjoy!

Team building and birthdays

We organize special events just for you. Bring a team and try your hand at a bowling challenge or maybe some arcade games. One thing is certain; you won't be bored, because what are you waiting for? Book today!