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What does ZYX mean? How did ZYX Bowling come about? What's in the ZYX Center?

ZYX encompasses pleasure, fun, excitement, competition,... all in one place. Are you interested in what you can find with us? Let's solve three unknowns (Z, Y, X) together to get the solution. Z stands for the sports and entertainment section where you can try your hand at bowling, play billiards and compete in darts. Y refers to the Restaurant, which will become your favorite part if you get hungry or want something to drink. X is reserved for hedonism, pleasure and relaxation, all with a glass of whiskey in hand and enjoying one of the fine cigars on offer. If we combine all three unknowns Z, Y, X, we will get a well-known entertainment center in Zadar.

We actually came up with the idea because there was no facility of this type in Zadar. We wanted to create a complete entertainment center where, through a rich offer, we will try to provide each visitor with entertainment in their own way. The idea was not to open some kind of "playhouse", but to combine several different units into one. Apart from bowling, which is definitely the focus of the whole story, we also wanted to give space to a different type of attraction such as the Cigar bar, since we didn't have the opportunity to enjoy something similar in our city. Due to the different content, we also have colorful groups of visitors, and that was certainly our goal, so that everyone would find something for themselves and enjoy their time spent at ZYX Bowling. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that we all have fun and create new memories.

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